Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SO...how's this supposed to work??

It's simple really.  Is something we both do right now ANYWAY.  I will find the awesomeness.  I will then share it with you.  What you choose to do from there is strictly up to you.  :D

So....what's the deal with all the AMAZON.COM advertising??, you say.  Well it's like this.  Me and Amazon....we go way back.  They're cool.  I promise.  I wouldn't just throw a buncha random advert crap at you.  I'll just go on and throw it out there...most of you already know me, so you know I have MS.  And I live in a warm climate.  Those two things combined, (plus kids) make "traditional" shopping kinda...well UNCOMFORTABLE (I lie, it's impossible).  So for the past 10 years, with MS and three little kids, Amazon has become my BEST FRIEND.  No seriously.  I buy E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from Amazon.  It's just EASIER.  You can get anything...at all...right there, pay for it all at once, USUALLY end up with the free shipping (because honestly, how can you justify buying less than $25 worth and paying for shipping??), and then Mr. Friendly-UPS-Man shows up at the house a couple days later with my stuff.  And there ya go...done.  OH!!  Yeah, and their Visa card lets you earn points which you can then turn into Amazon gift certificates to yourself.  No, seriously.  So.....basically, they're pretty cool.  And they know me REALLY well....they regularly recommend stuff to me they know I will find awesome...most of which will probably end up on here!  So I figured, yanno, since they've been so NICE and all...I'd give them a little air time.  So....be a peach, and if you KNOW you're gonna buy something from them anyway....click on one of my multiple adverts here and let them know I sent you, so they will feel my love.  

Well now!  Since I've spilled all of my guts about that....I think I shall give you my first awesomeness from them.  Straight off my "Wishlist".  :D  Enjoy!

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