Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Candy, ghosts, bats....PERFECT

Halloween original ACEO by Ennaedwyn

Ok, I admit it...I know the artist.  Doesn't change the fact that she paints absolute awesomeness ALL the TIME!!  Each year she releases a special set...a diversion from the norm, if you will.  "Boo-kins" she calls them.  They are little ghosties in various fall/Halloween poses.  I have MOST of the original set from last year...they. are. so. kewl.  These little artist trading cards frame really well when you put multiples together.  I am about to DIE wanting her candy-cane ones from this year's collection...alas.  I am broke.  <pouts>  But, maybe one of you will be lucky enough to snag one before they sell out like last year!  :D

Ok...this is something I NEED....this could even be deductable as an office expense...

Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Pen

Ok, I know not EVERYONE knows this about me...but I am kinda a pen whore....no really.  I have a ridiculous collection of all kinds of pens....silly pens, useful pens, a HUGE collection of drug rep pens (actually bought off ebay...).   So it's kinda my THING.  Therefore, with that in mind, I hereby declare this particular pen to have awesomeness.